China Signals To Voters To Dump Trump


It started with Bush and Cruz, then the Pope and now China wants American voters to say no to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Thankfully, China’s Politburo has little sway in the United States unless your last name is Bush.

In speaking to reporters, China’s spokeswoman who represents the Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying preempted her comments by saying that they do not target a specific candidate but continued with the threat, “I want to stress that China and the U.S., as world’s largest developing and developed countries, shoulder major responsibilities in safeguarding world peace, stability and security and driving development.”

Chunying, not to be confused with a Chinese take-out dish, continued, “We stand ready to preserve and advance China-U.S. relations together with the U.S. side.”

Secretary of State John Kerry weighed in of course with a limp-wristed get along response, “We want there to be halt in the expansion of militarization of occupied features. Everyone benefits by true demilitarization, non-militarization.”

So China uses the words “stand ready,” “security” and threats to “world peace” and our government, led by a man who refuses to use the words “Islamic terrorism” responds by essentially saying, “we’ll weaken our military if you do.”

Frontrunner Donald Trump has vowed to implement a 45% tariff on Chinese imports to balance the trade deficit with the country that makes McDonalds’ Happy Meal toys, iPhones and any cheap good they can knock off.

The United States is held hostage by a $365 billion trade deficit with China, along with owning $1.3 trillion of the nation’s debt.

China is also North Korea’s largest trade partner, swapping close to $6 billion in goods.

If China fears the election of Donald Trump, that’s a good sign for the American economy. If the militant nation gets aggressive about it, they should look at the quarter million graves of Chinese soldiers and the half million North Korean graves dug during the Korean War.

America will choose its own president.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.