China Crackdown Continues… Now Wants To Clean Up Internet

Chinese Censorship
Whatever you do, don't search "Tiananmen Square!"

China is cracking down on anything that it sees as a threat to the Communist Party.

Chines President Xi Jinping told members of the state media that the Internet must be “clean and righteous”. Xi wants to remove vulgar, pornographic content and any unauthorized news.

In recent months, China has demolished churches and gone after Christians in order to reinforce the Communist control over religion, but this new move is an attempt to control the more technologically advanced youth.

In a report by Channel News Asia, a Buzzfeed reporter was ejected from the foreign media ministry by not having her visa renewed.

The removal of journalists, crippling religions and censoring the Internet all are parts of a much larger mission to control the Chinese people and the information they have access to.

China boasts over 800 million Internet users and trying to “clean” up the Internet for that many people is a daunting task that president Xi seems to be prepared to face. The real question is, are the youth of China able to be controlled after having a more open Internet? Will they sit by and take the new regulations or will we see protests?

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Connor A. Houston is a 2015 graduate of Liberty University Helms School of Government, rower, cellist, and a Research Fellow at Frontiers of Freedom. The opinions expressed are his own.