Chelsea Clinton Bags An Award For Packaging Grapefruits

Look mother, I did something!

City Harvest presented the City Harvest Award for Commitment of Chelsea Clinton on her days’ worth of work at their campaign. The former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton was seem spending several hours during a single day at the City Harvest.  Her exceptional performance in putting grapefruits in bags was able to earn her an award on Tuesday, at the New York charity gala.

The charity work was performed under Clinton Foundation’s Day of Action program. This program was established by none other than the former first daughter.  The Clinton Foundation volunteers and she herself packed some 25,000 grapefruits that were set to be distributed to the poor in New York City.

It was due to work that Clinton performed during her very few hours at the charity that she received an award.

“We believe in City Harvest because no child should go hungry,” said Clinton during a speech at the gala, referring to The Clinton Foundation of which she is the vice chair.

Clinton’s action were indeed no less admirable, however, they may appear as slightly less admirable given that she had received an award for the minimal time that she had spent on the project, as compared to the that were far more dedicated towards the cause.

Heat Street was noted saying, “Of course, any action in service of the hungry is admirable. But of all the volunteers serving the impoverished in New York, it’s probably no secret that Chelsea hardly ranks among the most dedicated. Even her commitment to City Harvest comes because the Clinton Foundation is a financial sponsor of the organization and that’s likely what she was being rewarded for: the money.”

And that, “We shudder to think at all the people who would have gone grapefruit-less had Chelsea Clinton not so generously offered several hours of her time to pack grapefruit in boxes.”

This award came proceeding Clinton’s honorary award by Variety for working alongside Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a program founded by the very Clinton Foundation.