Was Charlottesville A Left-Wing “Setup”?

Antifa March
How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) told the San Francisco Chronicle on Thursday that he believes the white supremacy protests in Charlottesville were a false flag operation—a “setup” by left-wing activists, in order to gain more support for their cause.

“It’s all baloney,” explained Rohrabacher, citing that the leader of the “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville was actually a former Barack Obama voter.

“It was a setup for these dumb Civil War re-enactors,” he explained. “It was left-wingers who were manipulating them in order to have this confrontation” and to “put our president on the spot.”

Jason Kessler, who led the “Unite the Right” rally that causes massive counter-protests, left one woman dead, and led to widely-panned responses from President Trump, is, in fact, a former Obama supporter.

Kessler also, until very recently, had been firmly on the left: he compared Republicans to “serial killers” and supported leftist movement Occupy Wall Street. He also praised Hillary Clinton, gun control, and Barack Obama’s controversial deal with Iran.

Kessler claims that he started moving to the right around December 2013, but it seems that he publicly didn’t take any hard-right stances until after President Trump was elected in November 2016.

If Rohrabacher is right, however, then Kessler never actually moved to the right—and he’s, instead, still a leftwing activist who’s infecting the right from within.