Charlie Sheen Prays for Trump Death, Others Call for Assassination

Following a run of celebrities deaths, Charlie Sheen, who was busy promoting his “Sheeenoji” app, took a moment to tweet to God, hoping for the untimely death of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Here’s Sheen’s tweet:

The anti-Trump tweet went out to nearly 12 million of Charlie Sheens followers.

The “B” list actor appeared to get a kick out of the public’s reaction to the tweet as he published this odd string of words:

While Sheen may have been joking in his prayer, others are overt in their intentions for Donald Trump.

Throughout the election season, and escalating following the election of the billionaire candidate, calls for violence against Trump have increased.

This month, a British man was sentenced to 12 months and a day in jail, for attempting to grab the firearm of a law enforcement officer in an attempt to kill Trump at a Nevada rally.

According to his attorney’s, the young man was autistic and suffered from obsessive-compulsive anxiety.

Charlie Sheen, who is taking the death wish lightly, should consider the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan by John Hinkley. Hinkley, also reportedly mentally unstable, was inspired by the anti-Reagan rhetoric of actress Jodie Foster.