This past Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Media Buzz” program investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is not putting out the current information on how many potential cases of Ebola they are currently tracking in the United States.

According to Attkisson, a CDC representative answering questions on potential Ebola cases admitted that the agency has refused to update their website with current information.

In her conversation with Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz, Attkisson said, “I called CDC not long ago and I said how many cases are being monitored in the United States and they said 1,400. I said, “Where are these updates on your website?” “They said they’re not putting it on the web”…“public information we have a right to know and the media should…cover.”
Attkisson added that the CDC might be covering up the numbers to minimize panic across the United States.

Attkinson also said that media coverage of the Ebola outbreak has come to a halt since President Barack Obama appointed Ron Klain to be his Ebola Czar. Klain, who is not a doctor and has no medical training, is known for his ability to manage the media and, more importantly, keep secrets. Since his appointment, the government stopped releasing statistics and granting interviews in an effort to control the news.

The suspicion is not without foundation. Last November, Forbes admitted that they and other news organizations agreed to not report on potential cases for the federal government.

That’s not all.

Over two months ago in an exclusive interview on the Alex Jones Show, Doctor James Lawrenzi revealed that potential Ebola patients were being “disappeared” from hospitals in Missouri in an attempt to hide the severity of the outbreak.

In one case, Dr. Lawrenzi spoke of a person returning from Africa that was seen “bleeding out of every orifice” before being taken from the hospital without notice. “These patients are disappearing…and God knows where they’re going,” he said.

News from the Border

Former Border Patrol Agent Zach Taylor revealed to Infowars last October that the Department of Homeland Security and CDC were also disappearing potential Ebola victims as they attempted to cross the United State’s southern border.

As Infowars reports:

“The agents are telling us that they’re seeing some people who are obviously sick, with shivering type illnesses, with possible dehydrating illnesses like diarrhea and vomiting,” Taylor said.

“Those people are disappearing, we don’t know what they have, where they’re going, where they’re taking them – surely they’re being quarantined somewhere we just don’t know where and even the agents don’t know what the diagnosis is of these illnesses.”

More reason for suspicion is the fact that even as the government publicly downplayed the spread of Ebola, more than 250,000 Hazmat suits were sent to Dallas as the CDC purchased over 1.4 million surgical gowns and as many as 10,000 body bags.