Candidate Berated For Being A Straight, White, Male

Strange Accusation
"Just so we are clear - it's NOT ok to be White... not in 2017"

Spencer Raymond just announced he would be running for city council in Portland, Oregon—but leftist mobs are livid.

Apparently, the left thinks Raymond is too white, straight, and cisgender to hold elected office. They also take special offense that, by declaring his candidacy, he’ll be running against three “women of color” candidates for the vacant seat.

Spencer, who was a newscaster for Oregon Public Broadcasting, has a sterling record of liberal beliefs. But his gender, skin color, and sexuality, apparently, mean that other liberals want nothing to do with him.

“Why in the world are you running for this seat? There are three women of color who have much more experience than you in this race,” demanded a man named Rich Rodgers, on Raymond’s official Facebook page. “Why do you think you are read to govern?”

Rodgers’s comment received 79 reactions on Facebook—nearly as many as Raymond’s post announcing his run.

Another man, State Representative Diego Hernandez, told Raymond to “do yourself a huge political favor and don’t run.” After getting locked in some back and forth with another Facebook user, Hernandez came clean about what he meant: “I want to make her story, I want there to be women of color on Portland City Council, and I’m going to use every influence I have to make that happen.”

Another poster, Gregory Robert McKelvey, posted a meme, which stated, “Lord, give me the confidence of a mediocre white man.” That post received 97 reactions.

Yet another user, Jamey Duhamel, asked, “Is this satire? This can’t be real.”

Another Facebook user, Margo Black, told Raymond, “There are LOTS of ways to take a more active role in our community than to actively prevent women of color from having a council seat.”

And a man named David Bikman posted, “This is not your race… Wait for next cycle and run against another white dude. Get Woke.”

Elliot Rainier Smith posted a meme, “Another case of white male bulls**t.”

And another user, Landon Isabell, said, “How. Dare. You. Run. Against. Three. Women. Of. Color.”

Welcome to politics on the far-left: where you should be accepted for whoever you are, unless you’re a straight white man.

Spencer Raymond is running for the city council of Portland, Oregon—but, apparently, many Portlanders think he’s too white for the job.