Canada’s Trudeau Now Less Popular Than Trump

Justin Trudeau
How do our friends in the North deal with this pansy man-child of a "leader"?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might be a favorite of the liberal left—but he’s less popular with his constituents than President Donald Trump is.

According to a new survey by Canadian pollster Angus Reid Institute, Trudeau’s approval has plummeted to just 40%, with 56% disapproving.

By comparison, Trump’s most recent poll, conducted by Rasmussen, pegs his approval at a substantially higher 47%, with 52% disapproving.

Trudeau won the hearts of the left for being seen as a handsome, politically-correct answer to Trump.

In February 2017, he invited Middle Eastern refugees to come to Canada, after Trump banned visitors from 7 predominately Muslim countries. More recently, he infamously corrected a woman at a town hall meeting for using the word “mankind”—Trudeau told her the correct, inclusive word was “peoplekind.”

But Trudeau’s charm seemed to have run out recently, after a disastrous trip to India. Trudeau and his family spent four days sightseeing while wearing lavish, traditional Indian wedding outfits. The over-the-top clothing choices invited widespread mockery from Indian politicians, celebrities, and even the public via social media. Trudeau was also criticized for inviting a convicted Indian terrorist, who tried to murder a member of the Indian government in the 1980s, to a dinner at the Canadian embassy.

A whopping 77% of Canadians later said his India trip was a failure.

Trudeau still manages to hold the affection of American liberals—but, among Canadians, it’s clear that his star is finally diminishing.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.