Breaking: Trump Drops Out

Trump Drops Out

Donald Trump is not going to be attending the next debate. On Monday, Fox News announced that it would be having another (the 13th !) debate this year on March 21st in Salt Lake City.

This morning, via twitter, Trump said he is not going to be there.

As the field narrowed again on Tuesday from 17 candidates last summer to only 3 now, it has been a long and tough road. The candidates have been through a lot this political season. 12 debates, millions and millions spent in negative ads and a respectable amount of campaign stops and speeches.

Now Fox News announces another debate. This would be the 3rd Fox News debate and you can’t blame Fox for wanting as many as they can get. The debates have been huge cash cows for the cable network.

The first debate earned the station its highest ratings ever. Donald Trump caused controversy in February when he decided not to attend the second Fox News debate. He cited that the station was being unfair and rude. He didn’t go. It may have cost him some votes in Iowa, but it didn’t really matter. Obviously.

Now, after 12 debates, he is done. Donald Trump says he has a big speech planned for that day and isn’t going to miss it.

Since Donald missed the debate in February and is still the front-runner with another dominating night Tuesday, he sees no reason to attend the late debate addition.

On a side note, Cruz and Kasich are planning on showing up. One thing to think about though is that, without Trump, the network cannot expect “HUGE” ratings.

UPDATE – 2:25pm 3/16/16

Kasich announced that he will not go to the debate if Donald Trump does not go. That just left Ted Cruz on the stage himself. Fox News has now decided to cancel the debate. Trump won this on.

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