Breaking News: 14 Dead And Possible Terrorism

San Bernardino Shooting

Location: Orange Show Road / Waterman Avenue

8:48 UPDATE – All suspects have been caught. Suspected terrorism.

7:20 UPDATE – One suspect remains at large

6:58 UPDATE – No officers have been injured.

6:48 UPDATE – Reports of a possible fourth suspect being surrounded by police

6:46 UPDATE – Swat are preparing for possible explosive device in the suspects’ vehicle

6:31 UPDATE – Suspect in vehicle is still breathing and holding a rifle.

6:28 UPDATE – At least one suspect has been killed.

6:22 UPDATE – Swat vehicles are surrounding the suspects vehicle. The number of victims remains at 14.

6:19 UPDATE – Reports of an officer being down.

6:13 UPDATE – Two suspects still in the vehicle.

6:13 UPDATE – At least one suspect has been hit.

6:10 UPDATE – Shots fired from vehicle being chased.

6:04 UPDATE – Possible suspect being chased

5:11 UPDATE – Reports of hostages are false. 5:07 UPDATE – Police currently have no credible description of the suspects. They were possibly wearing masks.

5:04 UPDATE – Police have not recovered any weapons.

4:58 UPDATE – Police have confirmed 14 dead and another 14 injured. They have not determined a motive for the shooting.

4:20 UPDATE – Police are entering the Waterman Discount Mall. No gunshots reported.

4:17 UPDATE – Reports about a Middle Eastern man near the Waterman Discount Mall wearing camouflage. 4:15 UPDATE – Possible suspect.

4:12 UPDATE – Police still looking for up to three suspects in black SUV. 3:46 UPDATE – Two possible suspects have been apprehended in the area. 3 more on the run in a black SUV. 3:35 UPDATE – Family is directed to the Hernandez Center, Third and Sierra. 3:30 UPDATE – Report of 3 Middle Eastern or Hispanic Men with tactical vests. Just after 11:00am in San Bernadino California, the Fire department tweeted that there was an active shooter.

In the hour since the tweet we have learned that over 20 people have been killed and the shooter is still active.

There are reports of finding a room full of bodies and the police are setting up a triage center at nearby fire station, but very little has been confirmed.

What we are sure of at this moment is that over 12 people have been killed with many others injured and the shooter is still active.

Police have asked news helicopters not to film activity due to an impending breach.

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