Breaking: Lawmaker Shot. Critical Condition

lawmakers shot

A British Parliament member was shot in a vicious and close attack early Thursday.

Jo Cox is a member of Britain’s Labor Party and she opposes the exit of the European Union and is currently in critical condition after the shooting.

There is a large and divided debate going on currently in the UK and Europe whether the United Kingdom should leave the European Union or not. A vote is happening in one week and the outcome could change the future of the European economy for a very long time.

The police have not released a motive, but there are reports that the shooter shouted “Britain First” during the attack. The phrase is common with the opposing party that wants to leave the European Union.

Local authorities have arrested a 52-year old man in connection with the crime, but it is unclear if they think he is the one who pulled the trigger.

Jo Cox is against the “Brexit” but she is also an outspoken politician when it comes to helping Syria figure out their civil war. She is one who has been critical of Britain’s hesitancy to engage ISIS.

The UK has very strict gun laws and in this case, it seems like the attacker skirted the law in obtaining his weapon. According to a witness, the gun didn’t look normal.

“It looked like a gun from, I don’t know, the First World War or a makeshift, handmade gun. It’s not sort of like the kind of gun you see normally.” 

This is an unusual case. Check back as more details are released.