Breaking: Google Helping Hillary By Manipulating Search Results


When you go to Google you are looking for something. Millions of people search for movie times, macaroni and cheese recipes and of course, information on political candidates.

Google has been caught manipulating those search results in order to help out Hillary Clinton. How you might ask? Watch the video below as SourceFed breaks it down for us.

Crooked Hillary is up to it again.

When people searched for Hillary the auto complete was very friendly to Hillary. It left off things like her indictment or some of her other crimes and instead gave you search results for Hillary Indiana or about Hillary’s crime bill.

The magnitude of this manipulation can’t be measured, but one thing is for sure, many people at Google want Hillary to win.

Eric Schmidt, who runs Google’s parent company, is a big donor to Hillary. He also funds GroundWork, a group created to make sure that Hillary had the technology to win the election.

The Hillary campaign paid GroundWork $177,000 in the second quarter for their efforts in targeted outreach and data analytics.

There is more. Hillary’s chief technology officer is Stephanie Hannon and guess where she used to work? That’s right, Google.

There is no direct connection from Google to Hillary’s campaign and there is no evidence of any criminal activity.

The evidence that does exist shows some very unethical practices and incredible favoritism. It may not be illegal, but it definitely isn’t right.

Do you think that Hillary or Google should be held accountable for their actions in manipulating search results? Let us know in the comments below.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.