Brave New Yorker Saves Suicidal Woman From Subway Death

Life Saver
There still are Good Samaritans in this world!

A New Yorker climbed on top of the beams in a New York City subway station to help a suicidal individual.

Michal Klein, a witness of the incident reported that a man climbed the beams on top of the platform to rescue a women who was threatening to commit suicide.

Klein expressed that she was confused seeing he what was happening.

“I couldn’t really tell if they were laughing or if one person was crying,” she said. “I thought it was friends. I wasn’t sure. My first thought was: How did they get up there? I thought they were just goofing off.”

Klein recounted that she then asked another passenger if they understood what was going on remembering that the women replied saying, “the girl had climbed over the railing, and went across the beam, and she said suicidal things.” Another individual was seen following the girl, wrapping his arms around her and talking to her.

A little while later, the cops arrived to the station, and the woman was noted being taken the hospital in an ambulance.

As per the NY Daily News, “At about 4.20pm, police escorted the young woman from the subway station and brought her into an ambulance.”

“Just came out of Broadway/Lafayette station and saw two people sitting up in rafters. One looked upset. I found out one young girl climbed over railing saying suicidal things. A random young guy went after her to calm her down. Others called for help and apparently no one cared. People were on phones making 2nd attempts and finally cops showed up, but just cleared area and stood there. I left station. I hope she gets help she needs. And bravo to the young man for risking his own safety to help. Sending prayers.


She expressed admiration for the hero, acknowledging his bravery. “I don’t know what I would’ve done. I don’t think I would’ve climbed over to do that,” Klein stated. And that, “He actually cared enough, whoever he was, to help her,” she added. “A lot of people seemed to be like, ‘Oh, it’s New York,’ and kept walking.”

The “Good Samaritan” received praise from other subway riders, with a subway ride stating, ”the fact that people take the time to connect with others, it means a lot. It’s sweet.”

However some argued that the boy should have called the police instead of taking an action by himself.