Boy Scouts Filing For Bankruptcy After Going Hard-Left

"Where are all the new recruits? We became sooo SJW, for the new recruits!"

The Boy Scouts is filing for bankruptcy… after a series of far-left “woke” decisions that sent members fleeing in droves.

According to Wall Street Journal, which first broke the story about the forthcoming bankruptcy filing, the decision to change the name from Boy Scouts to “Scouts BSA” and allow girls into the program caused a sharp decline in membership.

Other decisions, including allowing openly gay scouts in 2013 and openly gay scoutmasters in 2015, also caused the once-conservative organization to veer far to the left.

Unfortunately for the Boy Scouts, things are already guaranteed to get considerably worse: the Mormon Church announced earlier this year that, in light of the Boy Scouts’ newfound liberalness, they would be discontinuing the church’s partnership and foudning their own program. That will cause the Scouts more than 30% of its membership.

The Boy Scouts also faces a lawsuit from the unaffiliated Girl Scouts of America, which claims that the Boy Scouts’ plan to use the word “scouts” to describe female members violates the Girl Scouts’ trademark.

The Boy Scouts has hired a Chicago-based law firm to assist in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, but documents have not yet been submitted to court.

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