Bombing In Egypt Dangerously Close To Pyramids

The world’s most famous landmark was the site of a bomb attack on Thursday that left six people dead.

Early reports say a bomb was hidden inside of a trashcan along the road that leads to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

All the victims of the bombings were policemen and administrative officers that worked close to the only existing structure remaining of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

Miraculously there were no tourists harmed during the explosion, but four local residents were injured.

No group has claimed responsibility, but radical Islamists have claimed responsibility for similar attacks.

Just this week the police organized a strike on one group who is described as “an armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood,” according to the UK’s Express.

Police killed three gunmen from the group and the bombing may have been a revenge strike targeting police directly.

The guilty party still has not been named, but one thing is very clear. Egypt cannot lose the tourism it receives from their ancient sites.

Between 9.5 and 15 million people visit annually to see the pyramids and hear the stories of ancient pharos. Tourism is one of Egypt’s top industries.

The area has seen increased attacks sine the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power in 2013 due to massive protests.

Currently the pyramids site is not shut down and all ancient sites are open as usual.

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