Boehner Betrays on Amnesty


House Speaker John Boehner just threw in the towel on amnesty.

On Tuesday, in a 257-167 vote, the House of Representatives passed a controversial “clean” funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security, agreeing to continue to fund DHS through the end of the fiscal year without overturning Obama’s amnesty policies–losing what has been, in recent weeks, a key bargaining chip.

Boehner blamed the controversial law passing the House squarely on Republicans in the Senate–who “never found a way to win this fight” on the floor of the Senate–and on House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, who could have forced a vote on this bill after a Senate filibuster, due to a little-known House rule.

But while Boehner stressed that he was “outraged and frustrated. . . at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this president,” he also admitted that passing a clean bill was “the right [decision] for our country.”

By failing to defund Obama’s amnesty policies, last year’s controversial executive order will continue to give unprecedented legalization to as many as 5 million illegal aliens–and open the door for increased illegal immigration as well.

With Congress refusing to take a firm stance against amnesty, the decision will ultimately be decided by federal courts. A Texas federal court, last month, ruled that Obama’s executive order was unconstitutional–but, with that ruling appealed, the fight over amnesty remains far from over.