Black Youths Give up Fists for Guns

Black Kid gun video

In a recent video posted on World Star Hip Hop, teen and pre-teen black youths are seen randomly firing handguns down an alley.

While pre-teens shooting firearms is accepted and encouraged by many in the pro-liberty community, responsibility and gun safety is part of the practice regardless of age.

The youth within the video waived around loaded semi-auto pistols and even pointed a loaded barrel directly at the cameraman.

From the video, it’s clear the young men were not honing their marksmanship skills but rather displaying bravado while squeezing off rounds down a street.

One young gunslinger explained to the camera, “I can’t fight no more, I’m blowing n—-s now.”

While advocates of gun control target law-abiding citizens, children like those in this video are able to acquire weapons – clearly without background checks, registration or parental supervision.

A fair assumption can be made that the children did not walk into a gun show or logon to to acquire the guns.

The firearms either came from extremely irresponsible parents or were part of the black market stream – which like the illicit drug industry, can’t be stopped by government.

The video above serves as proof that if the government bans firearms, then only outlaws will privately posses them . . . and those “outlaws” will fall into two categories: patriots and criminals.

The question remains: Will there be more criminals or patriots?

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.