Black Teacher Brags About Failing White Students

Failing Student
"Take that, you stupid Cracker!"

Denisha Maddie, a graduate teaching assistant the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, bragged about penalizing white students with lower grades.

Earlier this week, Maddie tweeted: “Grading papers for my mentors and I’m giving these white students a runnnnn for their grade honey!! The exam is on race.” She followed her tweet with two devil face emojis, and one laughing-while-crying emoji.

It’s easy to imagine the backlash Maddie would face if she were a white teacher penalizing black students… but instead, Maddie seems to have escaped without any consequences whatsoever.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, in a statement, wrote:

“We are aware that recently a person affiliated with The Chicago School of Professional Psychology posted a tweet on their personal account that runs counter to our internal policies related to grading, as well as our core values. The Chicago School does not agree with, or condone, such sentiments or behavior. Several actions have been taken in response. To date, the post has been removed, and we have started our internal processes to address the situation.”

 “Our university’s policies related to grading are very clear: only faculty members are responsible for reviewing and submitting final grades for all student assignments. Our internal review has found that this policy was correctly followed in the incident referenced in the tweet.”