Bizarre: Jewish Man Behind Thousands Of Threats To Jewish Community Centers

Jewish Center
"What are you doing there, Joshua? You aren't sending out anti-Semitic threats again?"

Michael Ron David Kadar, a 19-year-old Jewish man, has been accused of emailing and sending out bomb threats to several Jewish community centers. Kadar, an Israeli-American teen is being accused of selling his services on the black marker and sending out hundreds of threats to Jewish community centers and schools at a cost as little as $30.

Kadar, a dual citizen has been arrested in Israel and is now awaiting trial. It has been noted that Kadar, who is Jewish himself is being accused of publishing false reports and for setting up a “School Email Bomb Threat Service” on AlphaBay, a site on the “dark web.”

NBC news reports that the man has been responsible for, “threats, hoaxes and extortion attempts to more than 2,000 Jewish community centers, schools, airlines, police stations and other institutions spanning more than two years.”

The Blaze reports that the man’s business was lucrative and far-reaching. In fact, “It appears that at least one person in California may have utilized the ‘dark web’ services, leading to emailed threats to six administrators at Rancho Cotate High School in Rohnert Park, California, in March, the FBI said, according to NBC News. The threats reportedly claimed bombs had been planted at the school and that the sender of the threat had ‘assault rifles and Machine pistols.’”

Kadar, posted ads for his perverse services across the deepest and most vile parts of the web, saying “I email bomb threats to schools on your requests. If you feel you need someone to do this job for you then this service is for you.”

A six-month long investigation into Kadar revealed that he had been making use advanced cyber security tools and tactics, so that international authorities were –up until recently – unable to trace him.  CNN reports that he took truly, “extraordinary steps to conceal his identity and location through several technological means, including voice alteration, use of proxy IP addresses, virtual currencies and caller ID spoofing.”

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency notes that the state of Israel is fighting Kadar’s extradition, and wants to hold his trial in Israel. Even though, “ A formal extradition request has not been filed…  informal negotiations Israeli justice officials have said they want to put the teen on trial in Israel. The Justice Department said Friday that it was charging the teen with 28 counts of making threatening calls to Jewish Community Centers in Florida, conveying false information to the police and cyberstalking.”

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