Bill Clinton’s Rape Victim Has This To Tell Hillary…

clinton rape

Kathleen Willey, the one-time Democratic activist who claims she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton, is taking Hillary Clinton to task over her latest ad.

“She’s a money-hungry hypocritical witch who will do anything for money,” said Willey, about Hillary. “She’s a lying pig. I cannot believe that she had the gall to make that commercial. How dare she? I hope she rots in hell.”

It doesn’t get more blunt than that.

Willey’s words come after Hillary released a new TV ad where she declared that sexual-assault survivors have a “right to be believed.”

It’s kind words to give to a victim of rape and sexual assault–though it’s worth mentioning that no one should have the “right to be believed” as much as they should have the right to seek justice if a crime was, in fact, committed.

But Hillary’s own track record when it comes to her husband’s romantic entanglements show an incredible amount of hypocrisy.

Paula Jones. Juanita Broaddrick. Kathleen Willey. All women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault–and all women that Hillary didn’t think had the “right to be believed.”

In fact, 1990s-era Hillary Clinton was infamous for slandering the women who got too close to her husband–calling Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon,” and accusing countless others of lying.

Obviously, no woman should be expected to pal around with her husband’s mistresses–but if Hillary’s going to continue to insert sexual assault victims into the debate, she needs to start with the ones in her husband’s little black book.

Candice has almost 20 years of experience reporting for various conservative publications. When she's not writing, she enjoys being outdoors--especially camping, hiking, and hunting. She lives in Harrisburg, PA, with her husband.