Biden Admits Iran Deal Awful, Doesn’t Care

Joe Biden admitted it is a “totally legitimate argument and concern” that Iran will use U.S. dollars to threaten Israel, if Obama’s Iran deal goes through.

He just doesn’t care.

During a round table in Florida, filled with mostly Jewish supporters who are naturally concerned about how lifting Iran’s sanctions might threaten Israel, Biden agreed that it’s cause for concern:

“The sanctions relief from this deal is the second piece, and it goes to the second issue mostly. ‘Well, Joe, even if, even if I believe that you were able to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, you’re going to give them a lot of money, Joeboy. And they’re going to go out and do more of the bad things they are doing now, doing it more efficiently, and threaten our friends in an existential way, because they will have so much more money and capacity.’ Totally legitimate argument and concern.”

Obama’s Iran deal–which was negotiated with major world powers in Austria–has been controversial on both sides of the aisle. His own party has been struggling to get Senators to commit to the legislation–because it gives Iran essentially everything they asked for, in exchange for a mostly-unenforced promise to not build nuclear weapons.

That includes lifting of most sanctions on Iran–which has crippled the Iranian economy in recent years–which will result in a flood of funds hitting the terror-loving regime. Money that Iran has explicitly said will go towards wiping Israel off the planet.

Because Obama didn’t label his deal with Iran as a “treaty,” it only needs 36 Senators to pass into law. It struggled to get even that–but, earlier this week, Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), agreed to break the gridlock. The deal with Iran now looks like it’s going to happen–even though Obama and Biden know it’s bad news for American allies.

Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.