Best Trump And Clinton Halloween Costumes


At every Halloween party this past weekend, there was at least one Trump or Hillary or both. See the best costumes of our candidates below.

Halloween is a fun holiday because you get to dress up and pretend you are a kid again playing make believe. Or you just want to make fun of a candidate you don’t like.

This Halloween Trump and Hillary dominated the popular costumes, but in true American fashion, there were many different variations.

See some of the best below.

A young Hillary fans pulls off the epic picture of Hillary looking at her Blackberry.

This is a pretty good Trump don’t you think?

Now this is a great one of both Trump and Hillary together. It looks like this one was a winner.

This is one Trump and Melania costume that didn’t go over too well.

Some say this is the best Halloween costume yet. What do you think?

Halloween should be as fun for adults as it is for kids. Dressing up as Hillary in a prison jumpsuit could be fun for a night. Doubt she feels the same way though.

From all of us at Liberty News Now, be safe and have a happy Halloween.

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