Bernie Tops Hillary In New Hampshire Poll. Twitter Blows Up


Late Tuesday night the news broke that Bernie Sanders has beaten Hillary Clinton for the first time in any poll.

The Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll of 442 likely Democrat voters in New Hampshire has Bernie at 44% and Hillary 37%. Well outside the 4.7 margin of error.

In comparison, Sanders trailed Clinton by a 44-8 margin in a Franklin Pierce/Herald poll in March.

With recent endorsements from a Nurses Union and from rapper Lil B, Bernie is pulling off what nobody ever expected– a legitimate challenge to the former First Lady.

First Donald Trump takes over the GOP primary season and now socialist Bernie Sanders is drawing crowds of 28,000 and leading in the New Hampshire. What is going on?

When the news broke on Twitter last night, the comments were telling. The range of emotion this election season is drawing out of Americans is evident even in 140 characters or less.

Some people are excited about the news.

Some people are very, very, very, excited about the news.

The Bernie bandwagon is filling fast!

Bernie even got some good advice.

Sometimes a tweet will let us really see what people are thinking…

Despite all the love for self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, some people are still on the fence.

Thankfully, after all the pro-Bernie Sanders comments, finally one made sense.

The truth is, this is a crazy election season and this comment by Prepper Pete is right on point.

With this much activity 6 months away from the first vote, this election cycle is going to be grueling. Strap in–, this is going to be a long ride.