Barr: GOP Must Stop Obama in 2015

Former Congressman and Liberty News Now Contributor Bob Barr explains during an interview with Alex Jones why the GOP has an obligation to stop Obama’s policies in 2015.

Barr was the first to file an inquiry of impeachment against Bill Clinton and subsequently served as one of the House Managers during Clinton’s impeachment trial.

Barr also uncovered the first iteration of massive government spying by exposing Project Echelon.

Project Echelon was a multi-national spying project in which allied nations exchanged data after spying on the alternate’s own people.

The project bypassed laws to protect citizens from their own government by allowing other governments to spy on another country’s people, then exchanging that data.

Barr knows how to take on a rogue government.

Barr’s advice to GOP leaders, include John Boehner, demands they following their constitutional responsibility to ensure that the law is being followed and using the force of financial control to reign in unconstitutional expenditures.

This would include Obama’s recent move to grant amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants.

Barr is also encouraging citizens to take action against a lame duck congress by signing a petition at