Barack Obama Calls To Give Advice To Donald Trump

Jimmy Fallon has a unique way of poking fun at politicians, and on Monday night he produced a skit where he played Donald Trump; who got a call from Barack Obama.

The skit plays out as Obama giving Trump advice on the debate. When asked why Obama wants to see Trump as president, he responded, “it would be hilarious”.

This video is funny! Fallon takes shots at Trump, Obama and a few jabs thrown out at other candidates.

Chris Christie took the brunt of the jokes.

For decades, late-night talk shows have given us a chance to look at ourselves in a humorous and honest way.

From the opening monologue jokes poking fun at politicians to skits and top 10 lists, late-night shows are truly American.

When Jimmy Fallon took over for Jay Leno in 2014, his unique skills in music and comedic acting that he honed at Saturday Night Live instantly brought something new to the longest running talk show.