100 Million Reasons Why Tonight’s Debate Will Be Historic


It is time. This is the moment that we have all be waiting for. Tonight, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face-off in a historic debate.

Despite what the gender-focused liberals say, Hillary being the first woman in a presidential debate will be historical like when Barbie got her first job. No, the importance tonight revolves around ratings.

Obama vs. Romney debates in 2012 and the Reagan vs. Carter debate in 1980 all had over 45 million households watch the matchup.

Online viewers have pushed the numbers up recently and made the totals for the Romney and Obama debate around 67 million.

Tonight we are going to see the record shattered.

100 million viewers is not out of the question, it could also even push as high as 120 million making it like the Super Bowl, and it is in a way.

The media is invested in this election like never before. Trump is a candidate that attacks the mainstream media and says they are biased. Hillary loves the media and says they do a great job.

When the debate kicks off tonight at 9pm (EST) at Hofstra University in New York, there will be millions of liberals itching for Trump to say something racist. There will be millions of conservatives counting down until Hillary lies about something, but what if Trump doesn’t say anything racist?

What if Trump actually stands his ground and talks policy while letting Hilary be the one that is calling him names? Will anybody notice?

This entire debate has been built up as a grudge match; this will not be a policy debate. If you want a discussion on policy, tune into the next one, this is the one that they are going to fire shots back and forth until somebody leaves wounded.

There is too much bad blood between the two that needs to be cleared up before any substantive debate can happen. Tonight they will clear the air and they will do it in front of potentially 100,000,000 people.

Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for and we can’t wait.

Who do you think is going to win tonight? Let us know in the comments below.