Anti-Gun Protest Has Surprising Mascot


“Keep Austin Weird” is a mantra that is being taken very seriously on the campus of University of Texas at Austin. A cry of “Cocks Not Glocks” has swept the student population by storm. The protest stems from the campus loosening restrictions on concealed carry under the implications that it will help in the instances of a live shooter if students can defend themselves easier. Students participating in the anti-carry protest are countering by carrying sex toys to class.

Jessice Jin who set up the “Campus (DILDO) Carry” event says in the group’s description,

“You’re carrying a gun to class? Yeah well I’m carrying a HUGE DILDO,”

Over four thousand people have already committed via Facebook to attend the group protest, scheduled for the first day of the 2016 fall semester.

Jin contests that the swinging phalluses will illustrate the, she contends, ludicrous nature of the concealed carry policy. Proponents of the dildo “strap in” believe that students who would take action in case of a live shooter would add to any confusion and create more dangerous situation.

The campus carry law was signed into effect in June by Governor Greg Abbott. The law makes provision for properly-licensed firearm owners to carry concealed weapons into most campus buildings. “Gun-free zones” can be designated by campus presidents. The law begins August 2016.

The changes to concealed carry regulations have caused an expected stir. One professor has already said that he will leave teaching over it, citing concerns for his personal safety.
Campus carry will not affect community college campuses until 2017 and will not apply to private schools whatsoever.

Jin is calling for widespread protest from those outside the school and state of Texas as well. She is encouraging any with concerns to open carry a dildo.

Angry college students and left wing anti-gunners may inadvertently increase the value of sex toy stocks. Maybe it’s time to invest.

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