Another Obama Partnership Goes Belly Up

Car Factory
If you build it... they WON'T come.

Six years ago, the Obama administration and General Motors worked together during the auto-industry bailout, but what Obama called the “car of the future” is now discontinued.

In 2012, Obama said that he wanted to buy a Volt in six years when he wasn’t president anymore.

Those six years have past, and the Volt is losing it’s charge. In fact, GM announced it is going to kill off the Volt and the Cruze.

The Volt and Cruze were two cars that Obama supported, and helped with government subsidies and even with policies that favored electric vehicles. The price tags were high, and after the price of gas fell, the electric cars were not as desirable. Now with gas hovering around $2 a gallon in most states, GM has decided to discontinue the Volt and Cruze.

The cars that Obama thought were the cars of the “future,” are actually becoming relics of Obama’s past administration.

GM announced on Tuesday that it would end the production of both electric cars.

What do you think about Obama’s promise to buy a Volt, his claim that the Cruze was the “car of the future” and the plans of GM to stop making both cars? Let us know in the comments below.

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