Another Obama-Era Rule Rolled Back By Trump’s EPA

Donald Trump
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The president is on his way to West Virginia and for good reason, the EPA just rolled out a proposal to remove Obama’s regulations on coal pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency with Trump’s backing has put up a proposal to give states control of their own emissions standards for coal.

Giving the states the ability to make their own decisions could give coal states like West Virginia a big boost to local economies.

To help promote his new plan, Trump plans to hold a rally in Charleston, West Virginia tonight at 7pm.

Trump won the state in 2016 with 67.9% of the vote after he promised to revitalize the coal industry. It also didn’t hurt that Hillary fumbled a question from a West Virginia coal miner.

In October, Trump declared that the “war on coal” was over and that is exactly what the coal industry wanted to hear.

Now Trump has a proposal in to give more power to states and take it away from the federal government. If everything goes through, Trump could win West Virginia by a larger margin in 2020.

Many on the left are criticizing the move and saying it is bad for global warming, but those on the left just see more campaign promises that Trump is checking off his list.

How do you see Trump’s move to let states decide on their own coal emissions? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch the rally live here at 7pm EST.

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