Anonymous on the Hunt for Jessica Chamber’s Killer

Jessica Chambers Anonymous

Individuals claiming association with the infamous “hacktivist” group, Anonymous, have thrown down the gauntlet to find the killer or killers who sadistically took the life of 19 year-old Jessica Chambers in Mississippi.

Anonymous is all too often associated with online pranksters, punks or simply the dark side of the net.

However, the group has engaged in acts that most Americans would praise . . . unless you’re the Church of Scientology, the KKK or the sympathetic of the Chinese Government.

Those three above have been victims of Anonymous’ massive reach.

In the case of Jessica Chambers who was burned alive in her small Mississippi town, the group has already presented the public and law enforcement with obvious leads that all point to unbridled gang activity.

Anonymous has focused in on the gas station where she was last seen.

The convenience store appears to be cozy, if not part of, rampant gang activity.

See for yourself in the pictures uncovered by Anonymous below. An individual who is reportedly an employee of the store, Ali Alsanai, is seen “throwing gang signs” with local hoodlums.

Jessica allegedly dated a member of the “Black Squad” which is a gang that is noted to “rule” the area at night where Jessica was last seen.

Whether or not the research by Anonymous leads to the capture of Jessica’s killer, they have already uncovered disturbing information that alleges the local Sheriff’s office open dealings and employment of at least one known drug dealer and gang member.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations recently announced its involvement in the case.