Americans Pass Harsh Judgement On Higher Education

Crazy Professor
"Hey, professor, are we going to learn anything else besides 'The Communist Manifesto' in this class? This is a biology course..."

Anyone following the recent trend of news and attitudes filtering out of our college campuses, has realized that something is wrong.

When you have campus authorities working to enforce liberal policy like in Michigan where Macomb Community College police tried to stop students handing out pro fossil fuel leaflets, or in Claremont where an LGBTQ camps director tweeted out that he was wary of white women and heterosexuals. You realize that the traditional function of college, to prepare each new generation of young adults to go forth and become productive members of industry, has been perverted.

With increasing restrictions on freedom of speech and thought, it seems that the only freedoms that our college faculty and administrations are willing to champion are those that come pre-approved by liberal think tanks.

According to a latest Pew Research Center study, it seems most right-thinking Americans agree. Released figures show that a whopping 58 percent of Republicans and Independents feel that our colleges are having a negative effect on the country.

These numbers represent a clear shift over the last couple of years, only two years ago 54 percent of Republicans held favorable views on our institutes of higher learning. So what’s changed?

Well, to start with it seems conservative thought and ideology is being increasingly pushed to the margins of college society. When faculty demographics tell you that in the South liberal professors outnumber conservatives 3 to 1 and on the East Coast by a staggering 6 to 1, is it any wonder that there’s no longer any place for informed dissent.

While our campuses push inexorably leftwards, and words like “safe space”, “trigger warning” and “cultural appropriation” becoming running mantras of the millennial youth. The student more interested in fact and figures, learning rather than feeling is left to his own devices to find real alternative thought.

This capacity for pushing against ideas pushed by establishment bodies is echoed in Republican attitudes towards the media. For many of us the last election was a wakeup call to the various agendas being pushed by those in the mainstream, the same poll shows that 85% of Republicans now voice negative opinions about the media as a result.

Those of us looking to take a stand against the liberal indoctrination strategies being employed through our Colleges and media, bear a duty to speak out against the silencing of conservative voice and opinion. For parents of college students and for the many students themselves who number the silent majority you bear the baton for the future of America.