America Reaches New Low With Rap Song


In the age of political correctness, somehow rap artists have been able to avoid the pressures of “saying the right thing”. Freedom of expression through music is something that Americans value and appreciate, but at what point do have to draw a line?

The line should be drawn at the new song of YG & Nipsey Hussle called “FDT” or better known as “F*ck Donald Trump. That’s right. The song’s name is “F*ck Donald Trump.

Donald is a polarizing figure and deserves a lot of criticism that he receives, but this is hate speech, pure and simple. In the song it talks about killing Trump, riots if he’s elected and has kids singing the song. It is sad.

Watch the video for yourself, but please be warned that the language is very rough and you should not listen to this at work or with young kids around.

How do we allow this? Donald Sterling, a rich white man who used the N-word in the privacy of his own home was forced to sell his NBA team, but two rappers can make a song with obvious hate speech and it is praised by music sites all across the Internet. People love the song.

It doesn’t matter if you agree with Trump or hate the man; nobody deserves this kind of treatment in America.

Where do we go from here? How do we discuss politics with younger generations when this is what they are exposed to?

Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.