America Blames School Shooting On Government, Not Guns

FBI Agent
Not only is the FBI irredeemably corrupt, they can't even do their jobs!

Anti-gun activists should take note: a majority of Americans blame government failures for the mass shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School—not guns themselves.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 54% believe that government holds the bulk of the responsibility.

That number comes after a number of reports showcasing failures from multiple government agencies.

The Florida branch of the FBI received a clear tip that Nikolas Cruz, 19, was unstable and was planning to shoot up his former high school—but never followed up with an investigation.

And the local Broward County Sheriff’s Department received dozens of 911 calls about Cruz, referencing his violent behavior—including one call from the family he was living with, who specifically told police that Cruz was buying “tons of ammo” and they feared he would shoot someone.


Making matters even worse, video surveillance from the shooting Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson arriving on the scene just one minute after the attack began—but he didn’t go inside to confront the shooter. Peterson has since resigned from the department.

Conversely, just 33% of Americans blame guns.

Even more surprising, when the sample group focuses only on Americans who have school-aged children, the difference is even more stark: 61% of Americans blame government failures, and just 23% blame guns.

Despite the findings of the polls, the mainstream media, along with anti-gun activists, are determined to make the Florida shooting a fight about the Second Amendment. But it looks like the American people aren’t going to fall for it.

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