Alt-Left Targets Halloween For Destruction

Social Justice Halloween
Ak any college student - there is no worse form of oppression than seeing Western People having fun!

Universities across America have come out in full force to warn their students to avoid the “cultural appropriation” in the Halloween costume they chose, and students are finding themselves in trouble in their attempts to resist.

Clare McKinney President of the conservative Young American’s for Freedom of Notre Dame and the sister school Saint Mary’s College, said that she has been stuck in a standoff with the Student Activities Office, which is resisting the approval of the YAF’s request to set up the protest for he sanitization of Halloween.

McKinney said that her group had hoped to participate the next week in a national counter-initiative by the Young America’s Foundation’s, the club’s parent organization, which was titled “Funeral for Halloween,” which instructed the students to fill a mock coffin with Halloween decorations and to hand out fake obituaries announcing the “untimely death” of the holiday that was killed by “political correctness.”

McKinney also said, as of Friday, that she was unsure if YAF would be permitted to set up on the quad.

Student affairs staff have further repeatedly told her that they need to “discuss the request” with the YAF, as well as with other university departments, before they could approve the request.

“We’ve had about 15 events, and biweekly club meetings, and I’ve never had problems reserving space for anything else,” she said.

McKinney also said that she has been mocked and smeared on the social media by her fellow students for her opposition to the school’s participation in the annual “culture, not a costume” campaign, where the school’s apply that cautionary tagline to events, flyers, and social media posts ahead of Halloween this year.

Erin McManus, another member of the Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s College YAF, said that her sociology professor offered students further extra credit to attend and write a reflection on the university’s event under discussion.

McManus added that the program, which was aggressively pushed by the Sociology and Social Justice studies departments, and college administration, listed numerous conditions, focusing on what white students should not be allowed to do – such as dress up in feathered headdresses or as the Polynesian Disney princess Moana.

The program organizers had told the attendees that they were not targeting their freedom of expression, but only wanted to make sure that this Halloween was all about fun and inoffensive activities.

“They’re just trying to politicize everything these days, which is so annoying,” she said. Other schools also using the “culture not costume” line include the Central Michigan University, Washington State University, Kent State University, Dickinson College, Northern Arizona University, and several others.

It’s not only liberal college administrations that are pushing this latest Social Justice crusade – and it isn’t just costumes exhibiting “cultural appropriation,” that will get your child harassed by the social justice authorities. In a recent article by the Daily Mail,          influential Jewish blogger Sachi Feris explains that not only is it evil for Anglo children to dress up as darker-skinned characters, it is also equally evil for them to dress up as white characters because that promotes “white beauty.”

It seems that Alt-Left is pushing a ridiculous and petty agenda to make the world as miserable and intolerably obnoxious as they are.