Alt-Left Leader Vows Violence At Prayer Rally

Threatening Violence
If prayer drives away evil, how is Antifa expecting to even bear showing up?

A leader on the Alt-Left is vowing violence at an upcoming conservative prayer rally—threatening to “crush skulls” of the people who attend.

Jordan Towers, who describes himself on Twitter as: “Alt-Left resistance leader. iraq war veteran. cute communist & catholic,” retweeted a picture of a wooden club with nails on the edge multiple times.

On one tweet, he added the caption, “Can’t wait! Going to bring this nailed bat for some Nazi pounding.”

On another, he said: ““The patriot prayer rally is a nazi white supremacist event. I’ll be their to crush some nazi skulls.”

He repeated his threat several more times—but, as he received increased attention from other Twitter users, Towers quietly suspended his account. Despite threatening violence and other prominent users drawing attention to Towers’s threats, Towers’s account did not appear to be blocked by Twitter.

The “Patriot Prayer” rally is scheduled to be held at Crissy Field in San Francisco on Saturday.

Despite Towers’s claims, the Patriot Prayer group is to considered even by liberal groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center to be a “hate group.”

The leader of the rally, Joey Gibson, too denies that it’s a neo-Nazi or white supremacy rally—explaining that the purpose of the rally is to “promote peace, love, and unity,” and that racists are specifically not welcome to join.

However, considering the lack of attention paid to Towers’s violent threats in the mainstream media—and the fact that glowing praises of violent alt-left groups like Antifa have appeared in a wide variety of publications—it’s clear that, if violence breaks out at the San Francisco, it’ll likely be blamed on a bunch of praying patriots, rather than the radical left.