Alt-Left Calls NBA Legend A, “Black White Supremacist” Over Confederate Statues

NBA Champ
Yet another word is destroyed by Leftist's wild accusations and overuse...

An article from a left-wing, black nationalist website is going after former NBA star Charles Barkley—calling him a “black white supremacist” because he believes African-American should focus on bettering themselves and their communities, rather than on perceived racism.

“I’m not gonna waste my time thinking about these Confederate statues,” explained Barkley, in a recent interview. “That’s wasted energy. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna keep doing great things. I’m gonna keep trying to make a difference, number one in the black community, because I’m black, but I’m also gonna try to do good things in the world.”

Barkley added: “I’m not gonna waste my time screaming at a neo-Nazi who’s gonna hate me no matter what, and I’m not gonna waste my time… worrying about these statues they got all over the country.”

“I’m 54 years old,” Barkley continued. “I’ve never thought about those statues a day in my life. I think if you ask most black people, to be honest, they ain’t thought a day in their life about those stupid statues.”

Columnist Michael Harriot, writing for the far-left site The Root, was livid that Barkley took the “white people’s side of the issue” on political correctness.

“No one exemplifies the black man’s subconscious acceptance of white superiority more than Barkley,” he wrote.

“Unsurprisingly, Barkley, whose viewpoints consistently coincide with those of the oppressors of black America, decided that the best way to solve the race problem in America was to make a space on his national platform for white supremacist Richard Spencer,” he added.

But Harriot was even more offended when Barkley explained what he thought black people should be focusing on, rather than the removal of Confederate statues.

“What we as black people need to do, we need to worry about getting our education,” said Barkley. “We need to stop killing each other. We need to try to find a way to have more economic opportunity and things like that. Those things are important and significant.”

Harriot slammed Barkley for “parroting” what he called “white solutions.”

“Barkley answered a question about monuments to white supremacy by going into a rant about black-on-black crime and insinuating that it somehow had something to do with black people being dumb and poor,” said Harriot. “Because Barkley doesn’t want to hear logic. He is a true believer in the infallibility and superiority of whiteness. Because Charles Barkley is a white supremacist.”

Despite leftist fury over Charles Barkley, Barkley’s comments have been very well received by others in the media, with Fox News calling Barkley’s comments “perhaps his finest moment,” and declaring him a “role model” for future generations.

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