Activists Push For Third Gender Option On Government Documents


Sara Kelly Keenan, the first person to receive a re-issued birth certificate from New York City with the gender “intersex,” instead of male or female, was seen leading a lobby that is actively making efforts to get legislators in California to pass a bill that would call for a third gender option on state documents.

Keenan has been noted saying that she has male genes, female genitalia, and mixed reproductive organs. “My body looks quite different from other women,” she said.

Carly Mitchell is another California resident who also identifies herself a “non-binary” has joined hands with Keenan to promote the concept and put pressure on the state authorities.

“Non-binary,” is the term that is suggested to be used for describing the third gender; as they do not fit into the standard definition of a male or a female, including those that identify as transgender, male and female or gender fluid.

The duo is very determined towards having California create a non-binary gender option for those that do not identify with either the male or female gender. They are looking forward to a bill that would allow California residents to select non-binary option on their birth certificates and on their drivers’ licenses.

“Having this license protects me from job discrimination, from imprisonment in many cases,” Mitchell said. “Society doesn’t understand that we exist.”

The attorney representing the activists was noted stating that although the pressure is immense and that even though the DMV is very supportive of the issue, they are still hesitant to issue the licenses with this new option.

“We’ve met with the Department of Motor Vehicles who is very supportive of providing this non-binary option,” attorney Toby Adams said.

On the other hand, Greg Burt, from the California Family Council expressed his views, “I don’t think people realize the implications on letting people pick what sex they are.” He added, “If you change sex to be a description of someone’s feelings, then anyone can claim to be a male or female.”