Waffle House is a favorite for truck drivers, drunk college kids and Kid Rock. Kid Rock got in a fight at a Georgia location of the bright yellow restaurant in 2007.

At Waffle House you can get waffles covered, smothered and chunked all while watching a very normal fight.

Waffle House has seen its share of violence. Once a waitress hit a customer on the head with a pot of coffee. There was a parking lot shooting in Memphis that tuned fatal, and even 3 masked gunmen took over one.

Of all places to allow guests to carry a gun to defend themselves, it should be Waffle House. But they say no.

Sure an armed patron with a concealed carry permit shot and killed an armed robber at a South Carolina Waffle House. But that won’t change their stance on guns.

In 2011 a man drove his truck into a Waffle House to try and kill his wife. Although we believe firearms should be allowed, we do agree with Waffle House’s policy on not allowing vehicles inside the building for safety reasons.


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