The Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has spent much of the 2016 political cycle wringing his hands and praying that someone would stop Trump.

When that didn’t work, he unleashed underlings to attack Donald Trump over “KKK-Gate”, which was a clear violation of the duties members of the Republican National Committee have to maintain neutrality in the presidential nomination process.

On the morning of Super Tuesday, McConnell towel boy Josh Holmes told the press, “Neither of them [McConnell and Paul Ryan] are going to engage in ad hominen attacks on any of the respective Republican candidates, but they will speak up when they think any Republican principles are being violated.”

Given the “Republican principles” including massive federal budgets, allowing the passing of Obamacare and pre-emptive war, McConnell is free to attack Trump on just about anything . . . and likely will.


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