30,000 Ways Trump Is Winning The Immigration War

How's your immigration problem coming along?

New figured released on Friday by the Whitehouse show 30,000 criminal immigrants arrested by ICE officials under the Trump administration in just the past 5 months. Nearly 90 percent of these detainees have held prior convictions for crimes as wide ranging as domestic violence, sexual assault, murder and arson. These really are some bad hombres.

President Trump promised to make illegal immigration a priority in many of his campaign speeches before taking office, and the evidence so far is bearing out his words. With Executive Orders in place, Trump is cutting through slow moving congressional bureaucracy to give our law enforcement officials the remit they need to clean up our cities.

With existing illegal immigrants already being indentified and detained. New aliens looking to cross the border are also finding their efforts curtailed, recent reports show a 60 percent fall in those caught along the South West of the border compared to the same period last year. It seems that stricter laws are causing some welcome second thoughts for those looking to take advantage of this country’s prior magnanimity.

With issues south of the border being handled, what about refugees and economic migrants flying in from foreign shores? With Trump’s travel ban finally being pushed through by the Supreme Court, we seem to be well on our way to freeing ourselves from the refugee crisis threatening to sink Europe.

But interestingly, countries that were previously hostile to taking back their immigrants are now starting to change their tune as well. With arrests for illegal immigrants and visa law violators increasing, countries such as China, Pakistan, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana and Nigeria are starting to realize that we will not foot the bill for their rightful citizens.

Trump understands what previous administrations didn’t, that few countries when faced with the choice are willing to give up foreign aid to reinforce their hard-line stance.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is finding it increasingly difficult to argue with popular opinion, the national consensus is with the Trump administration on immigration – 60 percent of Americans, including 41 percent of Democrats agree with the travel ban as it stands.

The biggest item still left unfulfilled on Trump’s agenda is the wall. Earlier this year an open call was put to the construction firms and architects to find a workable way of building this massive structure, with most estimates putting the cost at around 21.6 billion dollars. While suggestions so far have ranged from inventive to far-fetched, what hasn’t changed is the administration’s commitment to seeing the idea come to fruition.

Sitting right next to his Mexican counterpart at the G20 meeting in Hamburg, Trump reiterated his firm stance by stating that he will “absolutely” see Mexico pay for the wall’s construction. Administration officials have suggested that “enormous progress” is being made in regards to illegal immigration, and discussions regarding the Wall may well be tied closely linked to NAFTA renegotiations set to take place.

With forward momentum on immigration seemingly unstoppable and with public opinion turning sharply against them is it time for the Democratic Party to start changing too? How long can you afford to be the party advocating open borders, when wave after wave of terrorist attack wreaks havoc across Europe?

It seems the message still hasn’t sunk in though; a recent House vote on Kate’s Law which increases penalties on deported illegals re-entering the United States only received a positive response from 24 Democrats.

The question to be asked here is: why do liberals not respect the legal process already in place for immigration to this country? If a foreign citizen cannot enter this nation under truthful and honest means, then how can we expect them to become contributing members of the society? For all their Globalist rhetoric, the left must understand that the laws apply to everyone no matter what creed, color or religion they follow.


Adam Campbell is a former military brat, who grew up all over the world--but considers Milwaukee, WI, where he and his wife currently live, to be his home. He enjoys reporting the real news, without bias.