2014 Best Gift Ideas for Men who Love Liberty

Ghost Gunner

Stuck in a rut trying to figure out holiday gifts for the men in your life?

So were we, and after careful consideration, here’s our list of the best gift ideas for men who love liberty:

  • Makerbot Replicator: While there’s a good deal of debate about 3d printers, we’ll avoid that by giving our recommended pick with the Makerbot Replicator that goes for $2,899, but we also have an alternative below.

    Yes, that’s expensive price to pay but your loved one will be in at the ground floor of the future of distributed manufacturing. There’s not doubt that 3d printing will be the future technology that changes how we purchase and manufacture goods in the future.

    Flux 3d All-in-One: For those willing to risk a Kickstarter campaign, this is a deal you can’t pass up. We’ve had our eyes on this one for the office. The Flux is a 3d printer, 3d scanner, laser engraver and modular do-it-all. The key to this device is the modular “print heads” that you swap out for the job. Future modules include a pastry extruder (3d printed food), a ceramics extruder and a dual extruder for varying 3d filament in one job.

    The Flux is a Kickstarter campaign but there are still 45 spots left to get their 2nd run of machines for the reasonable price $599. Expect this price to shoot up into the thousands upon release.

    Note that the Flux can only print small items (include the Makerbot) but it’s a good, reasonable pick for someone getting started in the 3d arena. And there’s also zero chance to get it before Christmas . . . but it’s the thought that counts, right?

  • Ghost Gunner: Admittedly, we’ve pre-ordered this and are counting down the minutes until it arrives. Cody Wilson, the guy who created the first 3d printed gun, decided to take his game to the next level by creating the Ghost Gunner. The machine, as the name implies, gives you push-button ability to finish your own AR-15.

    Yes, it’s legal. You can buy what are called “80% AR Lowers” online which are unfinished parts that require machining to make them useable parts for firearms. The “lower” is what the ATF considers the piece of the gun that is serialized and goes on file when you purchase a firearm.

    However, if you make your own AR-15, you legally have no requirement to go on record with the government. There are no background checks when you make a gun in your garage as long as you don’t transfer it and retain ownership for the life of the firearm. Of course, state and local laws still apply as does your personal restrictions if any.

    With that out of the way, the Ghost Gunner is an arsenal-making machine. Buy a batch of AR-15 lowers and go to town preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Even better, future design files are being developed for AR-10’s and other gun lowers to be used in the same machine.

    You can pre-order the Ghost Gunner with a deposit of $250 and the full price of $1,299 will be due when your machine is ready to be produced.

Since the above have higher price points, here are a few more reasonably priced gifts that you can pick up and stuff in a stocking:

  • Mosin-Nagant M21: Okay, so this might not fit in a stocking, but for the price of $150, you can’t go wrong.

    Mosin’s are Russian rifles that you’ll receive in whatever condition they come out of the crate. You can end up with a battle-used rifle from 1921, or a pristine never-used rifle that just needs a bit of cleaning up.

    While you can’t hit the broadside of a barn with this rifle without a bit of practice and tuning, they are a thrill to fire that will leave you with a sore shoulder in the morning.

    When not in use, they look great mounted on a wall and typically come with the original sling and kit that go with the era. Buy from LNN’s recommended online firearm’s store, Bud’s Gunshop, and you’ll likely be able to pick it up before Christmas.

  • Old Fashioned Glasses: The ones you drink out of, not wear. These are glasses made by Bryne. They look good and they’re dangerous. If you were to throw these, someone would get hurt. They’re heavy, stylish and will last decades.

    Even better, they’re only $50 for a set of four . . . and that’s engraved. Christmas delivery is guaranteed.