18 Year Old Faces Antifa Death Threats Over Conservative Activism

Death Threats
Are these Antifa out of their mind? They are threatening the life of a KID!

An 18-year old student at Boston University, in Massachusetts, and host of a conservative talk show, “America First” was forced to quit colleges after receiving daily death threats over his activism. This past weekend, Boston hosted a Free Speech Rally, which got overrun and shut down by thousands of violent Antrifa rioters.

Nicholas, Fuentes, has been receiving death threats daily, from fellow students, and people from Boston for months, and it has finally reached the breaking point. “It’s becoming very dangerous,” Fuentes stated. “Massachusetts, and Boston in particular, are among the most left-wing states and cities,” he said. “Probably anywhere I would go would be safer than Boston.”

Fuentes is taking a year off, but does hope he can to continue his college education, and wants to transfer to Auburn University in the south, where he believes that he would be able to express his political view without being subjected to threats. “I really like the architecture and some of the programs [at Auburn],” he said. “I think I will happy there and I will be safe. It’s solidly red territory.”

Fuentes attended the now infamous, “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville – but was only there representing a “new strain of conservatives.” As soon as Fuentes posted on Facebook about being at the rally, the threats began to appear in his inbox. “I suddenly got dozens of messages on Twitter and Facebook telling me to go and kill myself and that if they see me they will beat the sh*t out of me. Stuff of that nature,” he said. “At least 10 to 20 of them were death threats.”

Furthermore, Boston University President Robert Brown expressed his condemnation of the rally and wrote in a letter to the university community, “Palpably evil acts, such as occurred in Charlottesville, invite the challenging question about what is and is not tolerable or morally acceptable in speech and accompanying deeds.” “It is clear to me, and I believe it a view that is broadly shared in our community, that a claim of inherent racial or ethnic superiority is abhorrent” the letter read.

Even though Nicholas Fuentes has received numerous death threats, and is not even old enough to drink, he does not regret his decision to attend “Unite The Right.” He stands by his decision to attending the rally, declaring, “I went to represent this new strain of conservatives, of people in the right wing who are opposed to mass immigration and multiculturalism.” He further added, “The vast majority of people there were regular, decent people. I didn’t meet a single violent person. Our side is just preservationist.”

It needs to be noted that the Alt-Left, and Antifa make no distinction whatsoever between the KKK, Nazis, Trump supporters, Republicans, pro-Free Speech activists and those who simply don’t want historical monuments torn down. Too many good people surrender and appease when the Alt-Left slings spurious accusations of “racism,” and it’s refreshing to see a new breed of unapologetic conservatives, like Fuentes, arise.

Defending his attendance at the rally, he continued, “For a long time, this existed on the fringes. I thought it was a political victory – we exposed the removal of Confederate statues, and this disenfranchised group of white males.”

Fuentas expressed that is a huge step in the right direction for our nation, arguing that, “We have basically been told our whole lives that white people are racist and evil and should be erased.” He added, “We have basically been told that it is a crime to be born a white male.”

Recalling the events in Charlottesville, he said “The picture the media keeps using is of one person with a Nazi flag, there were more one thousand there who didn’t have Nazi flags” [Indeed, I have looked over hours of videos from the event posted on social media – and I believe Fuentes’ observations ring true, what are your thoughts?].

Candice has almost 20 years of experience reporting for various conservative publications. When she's not writing, she enjoys being outdoors--especially camping, hiking, and hunting. She lives in Harrisburg, PA, with her husband.