In a disaster scenario, dogs can be great allies and perfect for security. They will bark and alert you to threats and also can be used to attack an intruder.

If you are the one facing a dog, they can be very dangerous. Not only will they draw attention to you and your goals, a dog bite could also become infected easily in a world where you don’t have access to antibiotics or you can’t stitch it up right.

The last thing a good person wants to do is stop a dog or hurt an animal, but if it comes down to the dog or you, who is going to win?

If food is scarce and the dog hasn’t eaten in a long time, it will be more vicious. The dog may be distracted by food, but you don’t want to use very valuable food if you don’t absolutely have to.

Dogs sense fear and have bad depth perception. Knowing a dog’s weaknesses allows you to use them against the dog.

If it comes down to it and you have to take down the dog or risk serious physical harm, do you know what you will do? What if you don’t have a weapon? Dogs can also be easily distracted, so that could be an option.

This is just one of the realistic scenarios that could happen in a SHTF crisis.


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