10 Conservatives Who Hate Trump

Hate Trump

Before someone becomes president, it’s important to note who and who did not support the candidate.

The political establishment is quick to cozy up to a newly elected president in order to maintain their own standing in the arena . . . and then they attempt to rewrite their personal history so it looks like, they have “always loved him.”

In truth, elitist political players will savage any outsider and then when they lose and the candidate wins, they just pretend to have always been on “the team.”

A perfect example of this was National Review’s failure to endorse Ronald Reagan in 1980. The publication’s founder, William F. Buckley, felt the Gipper was too old . . . at least that’s what they say today.

They also failed to endorse Goldwater in 1960.

Reagan, like Trump, was an outsider to the conservative establishment and someone they could not control, as they didn’t own him.

So to prevent the revisionist history of the establishment elitists, we’ve taken the time to name them today. Read and remember.