Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Struggling Teacher

Teachers Being Instructed In “Diversity,” Not Basic Literacy

After a radical reworking of their education program, the University Of Maryland’s College of Education is producing teachers who don’t know how to teach...


Trump Admin Moves To Fight Court Ordered Transgender Soldiers

The Trump Administration’s Department of Defense (DoD) is pushing for a last-minute emergency stay on...

TX Student President Defends White Students From Racism, Called Racist

Texas State University's student body president said that he will not buckle to the calls...
Diverse Class

“Diverse” Schools Not Achieving Excellence?

The ABC report, which was published on Monday had headlined, saying "U.S. Charter Schools Put...


Cyber Fraudster

Barr: Fake Polls Driving Regulatory Changes

The “internet poll” has become a familiar device with which to solicit reader feedback and drive engagement on topics from sports and entertainment to...
Protester Arrest

Leftist Groups Using Tax Money To Bail Out Protesters

A leftist nonprofit that offered to pay the legal and transportation expenses of tax reform protestors receives tens of millions of dollars from the...
Donald Trump

Liberal Court Hands Trump Rare, Important, Victory

Mick Mulvaney can now be sure of his position as the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – CFBP as on Tuesday a...

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