The Sad Story Of How A 13 Year Old Killed His Own Sister


Tragedy has struck a small Missouri town after a 13 year old boy deliberately shot and killed his foster-sister last week. Police tried to revive the girl but she died October 8th in a rural town south of Kansas City, Missouri.  

Few details have been released about the case because of privacy laws dictated by the state with respect to child welfare. It is likely that the boy will be charged for the slain girl’s death. Reports have suggested that the killing was not the result of an accident but was, in fact, deliberate. The investigating officer declined to comment on the children’s relationship. Rebecca Woelfel, spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Social Services, also declined to comment on the case.

The incident took place outside the home where they both lived with a handgun that the older boy had found inside. The foster father was home at the time.

The boy ran to the woods after shooting the girl and was arrested shortly thereafter.  

No details have been released about how the boy came into possession of the firearm or the nature in which the girl was wounded.

It has been reported that more than one weapon was missing at the time that the officers searched, but they have all been accounted for.

The school district dispatched a crisis team to the schools the children attended. They were there Friday to help students process the tragic event.

Superintendent Rick Stark of the Jasper School District, made a statement that no other information would be released. He added, “We are all upset and still in shock right now”.

Unfortunately, there has been a string of violent events in the last few months.

An 11 year old boy was charged in Tennessee with the murder of his 8 year old neighbor. The two were having a disagreement about a puppy. In September, another 11 year old boy fatally shot a 16 year old intruder that had entered his home. Just last month an 8 year old boy was cleared by a judge to enter foster care in Arizona after murdering his father and another man.

Truly, we need to be cognizant of teaching our young ones about gun safety. We need to be diligent in keeping them safe and being responsible gun owners. Liberals will use these tragedies to make the conversation about the weapons themselves. Education is our best defense against senseless gun violence, not laws or bans. We need to be having conversations with children about the power of these weapons, not teaching them to be afraid of them.

We can’t put an end to violence, but we can be responsible gun owners.